Innocent Until Proven Guilty In Florida

There are many assumptions made about people who have been arrested, often without any evidence to support them. One of the most frustrating is that they must be guilty until proven innocent- which simply isn’t true in today’s society. Defamation starts when someone assuming an accused person did something wrong just because they were caught red handed.

The state of Florida is well-known as an ideal location for those seeking to protect their reputation. Many public figures and celebrities have chosen the sunshine State, which has led it be popular among this demographic group; however there are high profile lawsuits due mostly from people feeling defamed by others through word spreading or written material being published against them without consent (in other words: libel). As such laws surrounding defamation in Florida vary depending on what type case you’re involved with.

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Defamation Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations for defamation lawsuits in California is two years, per Florida Statutes section 95.11 since the date that a statement was made defaming you and it cannot be repeated or republished within one year from when your claim arises.

Types of Defamation

  • Libel Defamation: someone means publishing their defaming statement, which can be considered as an oral attack on that person’s character – it doesn’t matter if they were actually innocent or not.
  • Slander Defamation: Slander is one of the most common forms of Defamation. It occurs when someone talks to others about something negative, usually in an oral manner or through speech to wit: “Slanderer- Someone who speaks ill upon another.”

What do you have to prove?

The following are the criteria for prevail in a defamation case:

  • The statement must have been made by someone, either orally or through written means;
  • It needs to cause you harm with its truthfulness–if it’s not true then there isn’t much of an injury happening from this occurrence ( unless we’re talking about emotional distress which can happen even without monetary loss);
  • And lastly: Whether what was said qualifies as “protected speech.”

How long do I have to file a claim?

The law in Florida provides a two-year window for filing claims of defamation. The clock starts running on the date that your statement was first made, not when you learned about it or were harmed by its content.

Cyber defamation

Online communication has become the most likely place to experience defamation and can include:

  • Reviews
  • Social Media
  • Forums
  • Comments
  • Blog and online articles

What should I do if I have been defamed?

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