How to Choose the Right Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Choosing the right federal criminal defense lawyer in Florida can mean the difference between your freedom and a lengthy prison sentence.

You need an attorney who focuses on handling criminal cases, specifically federal criminal cases.

While state level crimes are also serious, the penalties associated with federal offenses are much more severe.

If you fail to retain the services of a lawyer experienced in federal crime cases, you risk losing everything — your reputation and even your freedom.

Federal vs. state crimes

State crimes are offenses that violate state laws. They can either be lesser misdemeanors or more serious, felony crimes.

If, however, you are charged with a federal crime, you face increased penalties and your case will be prosecuted in the federal court.

For example, while simple possession of marijuana is a state level offense, crossing into another state with a controlled substance may constitute as drug trafficking, depending on the quantity.

Experience in Federal cases

Above all else, the most important attribute to look for in an attorney is experience in federal cases.

A lawyer who has experience defending clients accused of crimes like yours will have a better understanding of the road ahead and how best to formulate a strategy that protects your rights.

Since cases may involve violations of the United States Constitution, interstate commerce violations, white collar crimes, tax fraud, and other federal law violations, you cannot afford to hire a lawyer who “dabbles” in federal criminal law.

Remember, federal cases are indicted in a federal court, which generally means higher stakes than a regular Florida state court.

You need an attorney who is familiar and comfortable at federal trials, has a deep understanding of procedures, and can help you sidestep legal pitfalls along the way.

Hassan Law has the experience you need

If you live in Florida and face charges for a federal offense, you need trusted counsel immediately.

At the Law Office of Nayib Hassan, P.A., we have nearly 15 years of legal experience.

We understand you are anxious, stressed, and scared about the future.

Rest assured, we are prepared to use our knowledge and skill to safeguard your rights.

Here are few of the more notable reasons federal criminal defendants choose our firm for representation:

      • Top 100 Trial Lawyers by National Trial Lawyers
      • Former Assistant State Attorney
      • Handled thousands of cases ranging from misdemeanors to felonies

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