Federal Arrest Warrants

When a federal investigative agency, such as the FBI, the ATF or the DEA, feels they have sufficient evidence to suspect that you have committed a crime, they present their case to a federal magistrate judge. If the magistrate feels there is enough evidence to move forward, he or she will issue a federal arrest warrant.

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What is a federal arrest warrant?

A federal warrant is authorized when an individual is suspected of committing a federal offense. To obtain this warrant, a federal agency must make a request to a federal magistrate. This warrant allows them to either search a property or apprehend the individual for questioning.

However, to secure this warrant, the agency must provide an affidavit detailing the reasons behind their belief that the individual committed the crime and why they think evidence related to the case may be found on a particular property. If the federal magistrate finds the reasons presented by the agency to be convincing, they will issue the federal warrant.

What is included in a federal arrest warrant?

The warrant must include:

      • The defendant’s name, or if not known, a description by which the defendant can be identified with reasonable certainty
      • A description of the offense being charged
      • Command that the defendant be arrested and brought without unnecessary delay before a magistrate judge or, if none is reasonably available, before a state or local judicial officer
      • Be signed by a judge
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How do you know if there is a federal warrant for your arrest?

“Knock and announce,” where law enforcement officials knock on your door and identify themselves and their authority to enter, is the way many find out that a federal warrant for their arrest is being executed. If you feel you might be a federal crime suspect, being proactive is your best defense.

Hiring a federal criminal defense attorney as soon as possible may not prevent a warrant from being issued, but it can help you be prepared for what comes next. Look for a lawyer who:

      • Has specific experience in defending those charged with federal crimes, such as drug or arms trafficking or federal fraud activities
      • Can explain what is happening clearly and keeps you informed through every step of the process
      • Is trial-tested and aggressive in defending your rights

You can check online to see if you may have a federal arrest warrant

While it doesn’t replace the need for an attorney, you may be able to find out if a federal (or state) arrest warrant has been issued. Florida residents can check here: http://pas.fdle.state.fl.us/pas/restricted/PAS/person/WantedPersons.jsf

Please note that this information is not necessarily up to date and only includes information that has been authorized for release to the public.

What are the consequences of ignoring a federal arrest warrant in Florida?

What are the consequences of ignoring a federal arrest warrant in Florida?

Ignoring a federal arrest warrant in Florida can lead to serious consequences. These may include:

  1. Risk of Arrest: Law enforcement agencies actively pursue individuals with federal arrest warrants. Ignoring the warrant increases the likelihood of being apprehended at an inconvenient time and place.
  2. Additional Charges: Failure to respond to a federal warrant can result in additional criminal charges, such as “failure to appear” or “contempt of court,” which carry their own penalties.
  3. Extradition: If the warrant is issued in another state, you may face extradition, which involves being transported back to that state to face charges. This process can be time-consuming and expensive.
  4. Loss of Rights: You may lose certain legal rights, including the ability to post bail or bond, and you may remain in custody until your case is resolved.
  5. Negative Impact on Legal Defense: Ignoring a warrant can damage your credibility and legal defense, making it harder to negotiate a favorable outcome.
  6. Financial Costs: The longer you evade arrest, the more costly it can become, as legal fees, fines, and expenses mount.

In summary, ignoring a federal arrest warrant can lead to serious legal and financial consequences, so it’s advisable to consult with attorney, Nayib Hassan, and address the federal warrant promptly.

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