How Does Murder Become a Federal Crime in Florida?

Most people accused of a criminal offense in Florida are tried under state jurisdiction in a state court by District Attorney prosecutors. This is the system as outlined in the U.S. Constitution – and the crime of murder is no exception. Murder is usually tried under Florida state law but, in certain circumstances, a federal […]

What Makes a Crime a Federal Offense?

Standard crimes that violate laws created by state legislators are prosecuted in state courts as misdemeanors or felonies in the U.S. Crimes that violate federal laws, which are passed by Congress, are investigated and prosecuted differently. Generally speaking, federal crimes also incur more serious penalties, including lengthier prison sentences and more substantial fines. Federal crimes […]

Federal Assault Crimes in the US

Any criminal charge can be a daunting and stressful experience – but when federal charges are filed against you the stakes are even higher. Federal charges carry the prospect of extensive time in federal prison, fines, and consequences that affect far more than just the immediate months and years ahead. Federal assault is no exception. […]

Penalties For Assaulting a Federal Officer in Florida

If you have been charged with assaulting a federal officer in Florida, it is in your best interest to seek immediate legal counsel from an experienced federal defense attorney. All criminal charges are serious, but federal offenses are typically punished more harshly than their state counterparts. And when the federal offense involves assaulting an officer, the stakes get even higher.

How To Get A Federal Expungement In Florida

If you wish to have a federal arrest or conviction expunged in Florida, the skilled legal team at the Law Office of Nayib Hassan can help. Federal expungements are complicated, limited, and rare, but they are possible. At the Law Office of Nayib Hassan, our federal defense team has aided in the successful expungement of countless federal offenses.

What is Federal Vandalism in Florida

Penalties for federal vandalism can be severe. If the damage exceeds $100, the defendant may be facing 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Even when the damage totals $100 or less, the defendant may face a fine of up to $100,000, and up to one year imprisonment.

Medical Disability Fraud Florida

Millions of Americans receive disability payments through Social Security. Although the vast majority of these payments are collected legally, there are exceptions. Individuals are caught defrauding the system every year.

Federal Source of Funds Hearing

When a person is charged with a criminal offense, he/she can often remain free, pending trial, by paying the court a large sum of money known as bail. The amount of bail is generally even higher in federal cases, such as those involving drug trafficking.